100 Percent -C Minus Degree Soft Sport Red


100 PERCENT- C MINUS DEGREE Towel is known as the "cool touch towel". Perfect for hot weather and workouts. The material used on the front surface of the towel is made of 100% cotton pile from Imabari, a place that is famous for its high-quality towels. Bottom surface of the towel uses a material called "Zero Cool", which is produced by NEMOURS Co., LTD and designed to cool the body when comes into contact. It gives a cold sensation when the towel is dry whereas the cooling properties of the towel are activated when moistened with water and will create a prolonged cooling effect to the body.
Usage: When the lining of the layer becomes warm, flap the towel in order to reactivate the cooling effect.

Country of Origin: Japan

Material: Surface: Cotton; Bottom Surface: Polyethylene, Polyester

Measurement: 88x15cm