Amabro Crystal Coaster Pink Pink


The coaster is a colored agate. The texture of agate stone is very unique and excellent transparency. You couldn't find any same pattern since each stone has a different shape and unique pattern. The coaster is also recommended to place your favourite jewellery on surface.

Please note:
* Requests for pattern and size cannot be accepted.
* Since it is a natural stone, it may have chippings, dents or holes in the surrounding stone skin.
* Since natural stone is dyed, it may transfer to a table cloth. Please be careful.
* It may fade when exposed to direct sunlight or water for a long time.

Material: Agate
* Minerals that have been used as ornaments and amulets since ancient times.
It is said to bring longevity, wealth, health and family safety.

Country of Origin: Brazil 

Material: Agate

Measurement: Around 9~10cm